Brad Terhune Original Art
I Alone Can Fix Itmeaning, purpose, utility.Christian/Muslim Knife (Ethiopia)Bela Lugosi's DeadHardscrabbleEnoughWe Slept in the MosquesMost Peculiar WayBlue CartCitizen of nowhereGive and TakeThe DoldrumsMandateMagnetic GhostsThe Hope of Insight (Royal Oak)The Central AreaFemale GazeWhen You Put Up A WallMake America GreatRelentless AdvanceWestern PromisesPoint of EntryMedusaProfit or DoomDisintermediationThe Golden Delicious (Alternative Facts)Oxygen White (Trail Mix)Every Revolution Starts in the StreetsQuite Often GlassyThere is NothingPart of the FascinationPlacement Adjustment No. 4Duty Now For The FutureTentative DecisionsLetting The Days Go ByFalse Uncle
Recent Work
Painting and Collage