Brad Terhune Original Art
False UncleRemote Job EntryA Pirate is a Wizard Less Revealed No. 1Placement Adjustment No. 3
Occult Collapse Clonus of CorollaNot Actual WolvesHorizontal Gaze Transfer #1Chevron (yellow & green with drips & runs)Solar GeometryIndirect Matter SynopsisPractical SimilaritiesChevron (Red & Yellow)Pre-engineered SubsystemsEight Squares Two Sizes Four ColorsNon-Bearing PartitionsHalf of Two DozenPerfectionWaters BehindPlacement Adjustment IPlacement Adjustment IIPrecausal ReasoningAncient MissivesFixtures & FittingsBlue Orange SplitYellow BellyTwin Vertical RectanglesLost Distraction, FoundLord Howe IslandA Little RainFour Horizontal BarsRain, Rain, RainBoneflakeOn the Edge of Blue SeasDelay, UnboundDozen Different CirclesRain (straight on red)Rain (slanted, red)Rain (slanted on blue)The Hidden Longevity of the Tension AbstractContained: A New Beginning (evolution)Contained: Enlightenment (constitution)Contained: The Silver Age (revolution)Contained: Violated (occupation)Contained: The Lost Ones (evaporation)Cage Considers DuchampDanielThe DeciderSweet RevengeInto The SunA Dynasty of FearCalifornia KingRed RidgeThe Long View (mountain series)Pinnacle (mountain series)Crevice (mountain series)Her Sister’s FireEclipseDead Mirror